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Baden Powell Service Association (BPSA)

In traditional style Scouting we try to preserve as much as possible Lord Baden-Powell's original ideas, programs, ethics, principles and morals. We continue to wear the traditional style uniform, complete with Stetson hat or beret. Within this, however, we are still part of the wider Scouting Movement and as such we move forward with the times by keeping up to date with the very latest technology, legislation and safety in both outdoor education and water operations.

The 1st Kingston Peninsula BPSA group meet on
Tuesday evenings at the Kingston Parish Hall.

Explorer Uniform Sizing

Otter Otters are the youngest section in our Association with children joining at the age of 5 years of age and going to the Timber Wolf Pack at the age of 8.
Timber Wolf Timber Wolves are boys or girls who are between the ages of 8 and 11, depending upon the composition of the Group
Explorer Explorers are boys or girls who are between the ages 11 and 15
  Our Leadership Team


For more information please contact Scouter Bob at 832-2966, or
by email


1st Kingston Peninsula BPSA
Meet Tuesday Evenings in the Kingston Parish Hall
at 6:30 pm