Parish of Kingston
Anglican Church Women (ACW)

The Parish of Kingston ACW formerly All Saints-St. Paul’s ACW met six times last year on the third Tuesday of the month with an average of eight people present.  This year we met not only in our homes but we met once in the Kingston Parish Hall and twice in All Saints Hall.  At the meeting held at the Parish Hall we voted on a motion to change our name to the ‘Parish of Kingston ACW.

The Annual meeting was held in November at All Saints Hall with the Rev. Dr. John Tremblay presiding. The officers are:

President:   Claudia Small (1 year only)
Vice President:    
Devotions:   Pauline Powe
Secretary:   Juanita Sheldrick
Treasurer:   Louise Godsoe
Educational Secretary:   The Rev. Brenda McKnight
Cards, gifts:   Donna Lamb

Last year our numbers were somewhat diminished for several reasons so we decided not to have our main fund raiser, The Fall Fair.  We will hopefully increase our members, which we have recently.

In April The Rev. Dr. John Tremblay, his wife Gail and others hosted a lovely luncheon for us at All Saints’ Church Hall.  The hall had recently been renovated and painted by Rev. John Tremblay.  It was lovely, bright, warm and cheerful.  There were 12 people there to share the day and we deeply appreciated it.

In September several of us attended the Deanery meeting held at Christ Church, Bloomfield.  Special speaker was the Rev. Paul Jeffries.  We continue collecting money for his school and donate to his stipend whenever funds allow.
A successful bake sale was held in December at the Parish Hall during the Annual Christmas Tea.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the day.

Gifts were presented to Sharon Arbeau for her many years of service as Parish Administrator and to The Rev. Peter Gillies who retired at the end of the year.  We wish them well.
Thanks to those who contributed to our Mitten Tree during November and December which stood at the entrance of Trinity Church.  Mittens were given to the Kingston Peninsula Food and Clothing Bank for the Christmas Baskets.

Respectfully submitted,
Claudia Small, President