Fleur de lys 1st Kingston Peninsula
Scouting Report
2016 ~ 2017
Fleur de lys

In August of 2017 the 1st Kingston Peninsula Scout Group folded and opened as the 1st Kingston Peninsula BPSA Group.

The 1st Kingston Peninsula Scout Group has seen an increase in our membership numbers since we started our 2016-2017 Scouting Year in September.  This is our Group's first year following the new Canadian Path program which is designed to have the youth take more of a role in developing and running their weekly programs.  It has caused some problems in learning how to implement the new concept as defined by the Canadian Path,

Having increased numbers in all of our sections leads to more fun and activities where the larger number makes all activities more enjoyable and less work for individuals.

We must thank those volunteers who have stepped forward as Scouters to help run the various programs.

We try to run our programs with a minimal cost to the youth, so that all can participate in the activities, hikes and camps.  To do this we must fund raise!  Some of this year's Fund Raising projects were; Apple Day; a spaghetti supper; Scout Popcorn and our ongoing Bottle redemption.

We arranged to have four Scouters and four Scouts complete a Standard First Aid training course which also included CPR certification.

We had a very successful All Section Winter camp where youth from all sections participated.  A large number arrived Friday evening, the reminder arrived Saturday moring with all departing Sunday noonish.  Everybody slept in the heated lodge; but activities were a mix of both indoors and outdoors.  Saturday evening was capped off with a formal campfire before mug-up.

Our youth are currently in the process of building model rockets which they will launch in the spring once they have finished and the weather is more favourable.

We have several activities in the planning stages that will take place before the end of this Scout year, which is the end of June.  These include Ground Zero Laser Tag; a bird identification walk; a year end camp at a location yet to be determined and an evening of Bowling.  Not to forget our annual year-end party in May before we start having reduced attendance due to conflicts with sporting groups.