Special Events Coordinating Committee
(Formerly the Fund Raising Committee)

As in other years The Fundraising Committee had no shortage of "events" this year to keep us busy and a big thank-you goes out to all those who participated in any way to make all these events successful. Following is a list of these events:

February 9th  Pancake Supper (always successful)
February 20th  Comhaltas (great evening, great music)
March 15th  Deanery Luncheon
April 24th  Joan Kennedy Concert
May 1st  David Francey
May 7th  Spring Tea (so popular it sold out)
May 21st  Yard Sale
Garden planted in June for pickle making.
June 21st  MCS Graduation Dinner (catered event)
June 24th  Appreciation Night for Sylvia Campbell & Fraser Smith
August 24th  Pickle making to sell at Salmon Supper
August 31st  Teachers Luncheon (catered event)
October 1st  Salmon Supper/Pickle sale
November 19th  Peter's Retirement Party (a good time was had by all)
November 27th  Appreciation Dinner (thank you to Maria and all her helpers who worked hard so we could sit and enjoy this great meal)
December 3rd  Christmas Tea/Bake Sale/New-To-You Christmas Table (great success). It was great this year to have the members of the ACW join in this season of celebration with their bake sale table - a great coming together for all.
December 5th  Deanery Luncheon
December 20th  Christmas Open House. This was a new event open to the community. A time to enjoy the company of friends and neighbours and to appreciate the Christmas decorations of the Parish Hall. Tea, Coffee, Cider and cookies were served.

The Committee was also involved in preparing Sunday breakfast on the 5th Sunday of the month and we also helped out with refreshments during the Summer Kitchen Parties which were put on by Sylvia Campbell and her Long Reach Kitchen Gang every other Friday night beginning in June and running through to October 28th.

In September a motion was passed at the committee meeting to change our name from "The Fund Raising Committee" to "The Special Events Coordinating Committee".

Respectfully submitted,
Donna Murchison, Chair/Alvin Currie, Co-Chair
Special Events Coordinating Committee 2015-2016