Celebration of a New Ministry
the Rev. Douglas Painter
New Ministry 1

Do you, the people of the Parish of Kingston, commit yourselves to share with Douglas in the ministry of this parish?

New Ministry 2

As brothers and sisters in the body of Christ, will you support Douglas and the parish of Kingston in their ministry together?

New Ministry 3

Douglas, hold before us the story of God’s love and mercy and, above all, the Gospel of our Saviour Christ. Be among us as a preacher of the word of God and teacher of the faith.

New Ministry 4

Douglas, in the water of baptism we are buried with Christ in his death. By it we share in his resurrection. Through it we are reborn by the Holy Spirit. Be among us as one who baptizes into the community of Christ.

New Ministry 5

Douglas, hold before us the anointing of the Holy Spirit for wholeness of life. Be among us as reconciler and healer.

New Ministry 6 Douglas, we look to you to work with the committees and organizations of the church, and in our community, so that our administration may serve Christ and his Gospel and not just ourselves. Be among us in wisdom and humility, in discernment and good humour.
New Ministry 7

Douglas, we look to you to lead and encourage us to be an open, welcoming community. Accept these keys, and let the doors of this place be open to everyone.

New Ministry 8

Douglas, we look to you to lead us in worship, so that, in word and sacrament, we may be renewed in our life together in our Lord Jesus Christ. Receive these books and be among us as a person of prayer.

New Ministry 9 Douglas, we look to you as one who presides at the Eucharist and shares with us and with the whole church in the breaking of the bread as a foretaste of the heavenly banquet. Be among us to break the bread and bless the cup.
New Ministry 10

Douglas, let all these be signs of the ministry which is mine and yours, and is shared by all the people of God.

New Ministry 11 I present Douglas as the leader of your ministry, and I invite your welcome. The congregation may respond.