Scouting on the Kingston Peninsula ~ 2017

2017 saw the ending of one Scouting Group, 1st Kingston Peninsula, and the beginning of a new Group, 1st Kingston Peninsula BPSA, at our Parish.

We started the 2017 year as the 1st Kingston Peninsula Scout Group, a member of Scouts Canada.  We were an active group that enjoyed hikes, camping and group outings.  We had 30 youth, 14 volunteers and 7 Parents registered with Scouts Canada.  1st Kingston Peninsula had been chartered for 60 years with Scouts Canada and the Anglican Parish of Kingston had always been its sponsor.

Early in the spring the leadership cadre was becoming disheartened with the route Scouts Canada was taking and the continual increase in Youth registration fees to an all-time high of $215 for the Scout Year.  The ongoing reconfiguration of the Scouts Canada “Canadian Path” their youth program, the volunteer online training process and the online registration program “MyScouts” were all problematic.
Through conversations with other agencies and searches on the internet we became informed about the other Scouting program in Canada the Baden Powell Service Association (BPSA).  The Baden Powell Service Association is 100% volunteer run and its program is in line with the Traditional Scouting Program that existed in the mid-sixties. 

After positive discussions within the leadership team we approached the Parish to inform them about our desires to leave Scouts Canada and join the BPSA.  We started conversations with the Parish Priest and Parish Administrator about our intentions.  We were given their blessings to start the process of converting the whole group from Scouts Canada to the BPSA.  The leadership team took the time to talk with all parents about our proposed change over to the BPSA, we were met with positive feedback from the parents.  The conversion process began in June and Scouts Canada was notified of our decision in August.  During this time frame we created the structure of the new group and started the leader registration process so that we would be able to open our doors in September.

The group started accepting registrations in August for the 2017-2018 Scout Year.  We charged a registration fee of $70, which covered the member’s insurance, monies for uniforms and the expense of photocopying manuals and reference materials.

The group organization is slightly different from before.  We have a Group Scout Master, Tim Nutter, a Group Registrar and Treasurer Bob Langford.  Within the Sections we have contact leaders and assistant leaders to fill out the group.  Our Council Commissioner is Jeff Melvin in Moncton and the National Office is in Quesnel, BC.

Today we have 33 youth registered and 17 volunteers.  All members of the 1st Kingston Peninsula BPSA Group are registered with our National Office, and those who are active with youth are covered under the BPSA insurance.  We are reorganizing using the BPSA guidelines.

Hopefully all the volunteers will be attending a BPSA training seminar, Saturday, February 10th at St David’s Church, Rothesay.

We thank all those on the Kingston Peninsula who donate their refundables by dropping them off in our collection bin at the Kingston Store.

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